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Directory Assistance

Directory Assistance is a professional service to help study abroad program providers input and maintain their program listings in the Terra Dotta Study Abroad Directory.

As a provider, you are always able to maintain your own listings free of charge.  But Directory Assistance allows you to save time while ensuring that your listings in the Directory look great and contain accurate, up-to-date information.

Here's what Directory Assistance can do for you:

New Program Creation

Whether you are inputting your programs to the Directory for the first time or you are adding new programs, we can provide for a member of the Terra Dotta Professional Services team to do the program creation for you.  You can rest assured that your programs will look great, meet the standards of best practice and include all of the information needed to allow students to evaluate your programs.

Program Brochure Enhancement

This service is for providers who already have their programs in the Directory, but would like to update the look, the feel and/or the content of their listings.  A Terra Dotta staff member will review each of your program listings and update existing brochure content according to your specifications. Brochure content and styles will conform to directory guidelines to ensure proper display when imported into the "sending school" sites.  Your listings will look better in the Directory, and you'll be making it easier for the students and administrators from your partner schools to access the information they want about your programs.

Listing Maintenance

We can save you time and effort by updating deadlines and start and end dates for your programs.  When your program dates are current it makes life easier for you, the staff at sending schools, and prospective students.  Incorrect dates lead to missed deadlines, mistakes and confusion.  You can provide us with a list of your dates as soon as you know them, and we will update them for you.

Our trained staff will get the work done for you quickly and efficiently.  Directory Assistance is provided on a time and materials basis.  We will be happy to provide an estimate for assisting with your project.

Contact for more information or to schedule Directory Assistance work.