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Using the Terra Dotta Study Abroad Directory, you can quickly explore thousands of programs to find those that meet your specific goals.  The "Program Search" feature gives you three powerful search methods:

Advanced Search Capabilities

The advanced search allows you to find programs based on multiple criteria. For example, you can find the answers to questions such as the following:

Can I only study French in France?

If you want to study French, there are many options outside of France itself.  If you use the advanced search, you will find that you can study French in France, Canada, Africa, South America, Switzerland and other locations in Europe.

Can I study in English in a non-Anglophone country?

If you want to study in English, you aren't confined to the UK or Australia.  You can immerse yourself in a non-Anglophone culture, yet take courses in English.  Using the "language of instruction" parameter, you'll find possibilities in Cophenhagen, Prague, Romer, Berline, Moscow and dozens of other locations.

Can I find a program offered in the fall term, where I can improve my South American Spanish, and take two business courses in order to graduate on time?

No problem.  Enter all of your criteria in one advanced search and locate the program that's perfect for you.

Where is the program description?

From the search results list, just click on a program name to open its brochure page.  The brochure has important details about the program.  It may have images, videos, and testimonials from past participants. You will also find a link to the sponsoring institutions' site which contains more important details such as deadlines and the application process.

Check with Your Institution's Study Abroad Office

You should always check with your school and follow their guidelines to ensure that your chosen program conforms to their requirements and that your credit will transfer properly.