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Programs : Brochure

This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
  • Locations: Cuenca, Ecuador
  • Program Terms:  
  • Homepage: Click to visit
  • Program Sponsor: El Nomad Immersion Programs 
Program Description:


El Nomad takes learning beyond the classroom.  As a reputable South American provider, we facilitate life-changing experiences through cultural immersion programs that prepare students and professionals from around the world to excel as global citizens.


El Nomad envisions a world where people embrace global citizenship and participate in cultures other than their own.  We facilitate the growth of cultural competency through affordable, experiential-learning opportunities that introduce new ways of thinking and living.

Our History

After years of traveling and studying abroad, Arturo and Rebecca knew their calling was in international education.  And, in 2007, El Nomad Immersion Programs was born.

El Nomad is based in Cuenca, Ecuador, where our staff lives year-round.  We are passionate about facilitating cultural understanding and competency through authentic immersion experiences.  As an international team of well-traveled professionals, we value intercultural relationships and truly understand what it means to be a global citizen.  As a company, we live out our passions by offering full immersion experiences in Ecuador including: homestays, Spanish language courses, professional internships, volunteer opportunities, and customized group programs.

Since 2010, our team has slowly been growing and now encompasses 5 full-time employees and an additional team of 10 plus individuals country-wide with whom we collaborate on a regular basis.

In 2012 we opened a brand new El Nomad Student Center that is home to our office as well as a place of gathering for student cultural activities, guest lectures, Charlas, and social functions.

El Nomad has worked with groups and individual students from:

  • UNC Charlotte
  • University of British Colombia, Vancouver
  • Central Washington University
  • Scripps College
  • Indiana University, Bloomington
  • Syracuse University
  • Shorter University
  • Boston University
  • Occidental College

Awards, highlights, and stories from abroad

Looking to learn more about El Nomad, what we do, and what people have to say about us? Here are a few resources to help you out…

The Center

Moving up!

The El Nomad Center is pleased to announce its grand reopening, as we recently moved to a house in the beautiful Puertas del Sol neighborhood.  We are now located on the corner of Ricardo Darquea Granda 3-65 y Jose Austudillo.

The El Nomad Center is your home away from your homestay, and is plugged into what’s happening in and around Cuenca.  It is a place to meet up with friends, gather for your weekly Charla (social, cultural, or professional activities), relax and enjoy WiFi, or just come say hi to the El Nomad Staff!  The Center is also where we post upcoming Cuenca events, like live music, shows, festivals, futbol matches, and much more.

The Center Offers

  • Sports Equipment Rentals
  • Travel resources
  • English Library
  • Complimentary coffee and tea
  • TV
  • Movies (and a DVD player)
  • Couches/lounge area
  • Wi-Fi

Who has access to the El Nomad Center?

  • Program participants, El Nomad faculty and staff, and tandem students.

When is the Center open?

  • Monday – Thursday:  9:00 am – 1:00 pm  and  3:00 pm – 8:00 pm
  • Friday:  9:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • Saturday:  9:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • Sunday:  Closed



“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard



General Questions about El Nomad Immersion Programs


Q: In which areas does El Nomad offer volunteer experiences?


You can volunteer in any area you are interested in.  However, some of our volunteer placements will have language requirements.  A sample of our volunteer opportunities can be found on our programs page.  If you do not find something that interests you, please contact us as we are always adding new volunteer experiences.


Q: In which areas does El Nomad offer professional internships?


You can intern in any area you are interested in as long as you have sufficient command of the Spanish language and, in some cases, a 2.5 GPA.  A sample of our professional internships can be found on our programs page.  If you do not find something that interests you, please contact us as we are always adding new internship opportunities. 


Q: Does my country of citizenship affect my application?


It will not affect your application process.  We encourage anyone interested in an El Nomad Immersion Program to apply!  However, please note that the visa process will vary depending on which country you are from.  We are happy to help you with your visa application, but please make sure you apply as early as possible as it can be a lengthy process.


Q: Which vaccinations do I need before coming to Ecuador?


You can get all of the medical advice you need, including recommended vaccinations from for US students, for Australian students, and for UK students.  Your general practitioner can also advise you on which vaccinations you should have.


Q: Do I have to travel alone?


El Nomad Immersion Programs cannot book your flights for you.  However, we can help you find cheap flights or direct you to travel agents who can help you find the best flight for you.


Q: What support will I get when I arrive in Ecuador?


El Nomad is based in Ecuador and has on-site staff who will be there to help you every step of the way.  They will have everything organized for you prior to your arrival and will look after you during your time in country.  Someone will meet you at the airport in Cuenca, show you around the city, help you get settled in to your accommodation, show you where your school, internship, or volunteer site is, sort out any issues you may have with your accommodation, classes or internship/volunteer placement, take you on your included excursions, inform you about cultural activities, and be available 24 hours a day in case you need them. 


Q: Will there be an opportunity to meet other people participating in El Nomad programs before I go?


We will put you in touch with anyone else participating in a program at the same time you are as early as we can.  Your ability to meet one another prior to departure depends on you and where you live.

Q: What support will I get prior to leaving for my program?


Once you apply for a program and pay your deposit we will provide you with all the information you need; from visa issues to recommendations on what to pack.  In addition, at any point before you come to Ecuador you have questions, you will be able to contact an El Nomad employee by email or phone to have your questions answered.


Q: What will I get out of participating in an El Nomad Immersion Program?


Some of the benefits you are likely to receive by participating in an El Nomad Immersion Program:

·       Improving your language skills

·       Meeting students from Ecuador and around the world

·       Making new international contacts (especially if you intern or volunteer)

·       Becoming part of an Ecuadorian family

·       Developing your understanding of the culture of Ecuador

·       Gaining international experience and expanding your views of your life, the world, your field of interest

·       Build your resume, making yourself more marketable in the job market

·       Having a new and unforgettable semester or school break


Q: Is funding help available?


If you are a university student, then it may be possible for you to obtain financial aid through your university to help pay for your El Nomad Immersion Program.  Since every university and country has different policies on the use of financial aid for study abroad, you should consult your home institution’s financial aid office for additional information.  El Nomad also offers select scholarships for some of our programs.  You can find additional information on these scholarships here .


Q: Who can participate in El Nomad Programs?


Anybody that is 18 years of age or over is welcome to apply to and participate in any of our programs.  Individuals under the age of 18 must have parental consent to apply to and participate in any of our programs.





Post graduation 6-month Internship in Ecuador!

Position Overview:
Area: Study abroad/international programs
Position: Varies based on area of expertise and current projects
Number of positions: 1 or 2
Position location: Cuenca, Ecuador
Estimated start date: February/March 2013
Application timeframe:  December 1-15, 2012


  • Native English speaker
  • Have completed an undergraduate degree (international studies, business, international business degrees or similar are preferred, but are not limited to these subject areas)
  • Interest in Latin American culture
  • Desire to work with students from around the world who study abroad in Ecuador
  • Ability to qualify for a 6-month tourist visa (
  • Insurance that covers you while abroad (there is a national option here in Ecuador, or you can purchase coverage prior to arrival)
  • Ability to purchase your own roundtrip ticket to/from Cuenca, Ecuador
  • Ability to cover your personal expenses for the 6 months you will be here in Ecuador

Position Description:
This position assists the International Program Director with all aspects of program promotion, recruitment, application process, student arrival, onsite student services, etc.  You will also work closely with a marketing and online promotions team to help develop future online marketing materials, including resources for social media forums such as Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger.   Other projects will also be assigned depending on the season.

Work Hours:
This is a full-time position.  However, the average workweek will run Monday-Thursday with the occasional Friday and weekend workdays.


If you would like more information on this position please contact Rebecca via email (

If you would like to apply for this position, please submit a resume and cover letter to Rebecca ( during the above listed application timeframe.


El Nomad Ambassador Program (Campus Marketing Internship)

Join the El Nomad team and work for a fast-growing international company that provides students with extraordinary Ecuadorian adventures!

Position Overview

Area: Marketing, promotions, and study abroad/international education
Number of positions: 1 per campus
Position location: Your university campus!
Estimated start date: Varies
Application timeframe:  Open all year

Position Description

Campus Marketing Interns are students who promote El Nomad Immersion Programs in his/her campus community. Interns are asked to utilize social media, host promotional events, build partnerships, distribute marketing materials, and find other innovative strategies to peak student interest in El Nomad programs. Campus Marketing Interns may also serve as a spokesperson for El Nomad at local study abroad, gap year, or career fairs.


Please note that the El Nomad staff will fully support your recruitment efforts by providing you with a position orientation, marketing materials, and help in the development, planning, and execution of promotional events. Duties may include:

  • Meet with your university study abroad office, academic department heads and/or professors to talk about El Nomad programs and distribute marketing materials
  • Seek out and attend campus and community events representing El Nomad and distribute marketing materials
  • Register, set-up, and man booth at campus internship/career, study abroad, and volunteer fairs
  • Host student-centered events to promote El Nomad programs (i.e. Ecuadorian dinner, Spanish movie, etc.)
  • Post flyers and posters throughout community
  • Utilize and connect with El Nomad Alumni in recruitment efforts
  • Report progress and maintain consistent communication with El Nomad team
  • Design and execute at least one innovative marketing strategy
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Ambassadors, after attending an introductory training session, will begin work straight away, and will continue work for a full academic year
  • Attend a compulsory introductory and continuous online training sessions
  • Complete a form prior to presenting and return it to El Nomad Staff and Study Abroad Advisors
  • Participate in meetings with Study Abroad Advisors and El Nomad Staff
  • Complete a written report and activity log each month
  • Give permission for your El Nomad email address to be shared with students/ clients (El Nomad will organize your own El Nomad email for this purpose) 


  • Outgoing, personable, and responsible
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills (public speaking)
  • Proficient in social media
  • Actively enrolled student (undergraduate or graduate)
  • Demonstrated high involvement in student life/clubs on campus
  • Have established social and professional networks
  • Experience traveling or studying abroad in Ecuador (preferred)
  • El Nomad Immersion Program Alumni (preferred)


• Commission based salary: $100 per paid student recruited, $1,000 for each paid group of 8+ recruited
• Discount of 25% on any El Nomad Immersion Program
• Gain first-hand, measurable experience in marketing, recruitment, event planning, and utilizing professional social media


Benefits of being a student ambassador

  • Better communication and public speaking skills
  • Excellent leadership and team building experiences
  • A chance to share enthusiasm for international education and overseas experiences
  • Greater self awareness/knowledge (values, interests, goals)
  • Excellent resume/CV addition
  • Training on how to respond to a variety of study abroad-related questions
  • Financially compensated work
  • Professional Development – Project Creation & Management, Time Management
  • Network with influential people
  • Enhanced employability
  • References and letters of appropriate recommendation are provided for active ambassadors
  • All Ambassadors will receive a t-shirt, welcome packet, and additional resources
  • Possible Ambassador competitions during the year


To Apply…

To apply to be an El Nomad Study Ambassador please email the following items to

  • A cover letter that contains the following information and answers to the questions listed below
    • Information
      • Full name:
      • College/University
      • Anticipated Graduation Date
      • Major
      • When did you study abroad/travel in Ecuador (if applicable)
      • How long did you spend in Ecuador (if applicable)
    • Questions:
      • Why are you interested in becoming a student ambassador for El Nomad Immersion Programs?
      • What inspired your decision to study abroad in Ecuador? If you did not study abroad in Ecuador, but did in another country, what inspired you to study abroad there?
      • In what ways have you changed as a result of your study abroad experience?
      • What are some of the highlights of your travel/study abroad experience in Ecuador? If you didn’t travel or study in Ecuador, talk about the highlights of another travel/study experience you have had.
      • Why do you think you would make an excellent student ambassador for El Nomad Immersion Programs?
  • Your resume
  • At least one professional reference
  • At least one academic reference